ARK LLC became a member firm of Kreston International Limited on February 6, 2015.

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Overview of Kreston Global

Kreston International Limited is a global network of more than 23,500 staff members in over 110 countries, providing audit, tax, advisory (corporate finance), and risk consulting services.
Kreston International Limited is a trusted advisor to small and mid-sized businesses and the mid-market market, assisting organizations and individuals in achieving their business goals and desires through an international network of independent accounting professionals. In addition, our accounting professionals build client relationships based on trust, continuity, and innovation.
By collaborating with each other and with other Kreston International Limited member firms in different countries, ARC LLC is able to meet the various needs of its clients, including their overseas expansion, and provide high-quality audit services with a global perspective.


Scale diagram of Kreston Global’s bases in each country

Last updated on Sep. 1, 2023

  • 1971


  • 13th


  • 115Countries


  • 25,000


  • 820


  • 160

    Member firms

  • $2.7bn

    Revenue of firms