Responding to non-financial information disclosures as part of our audit work

Investors are getting highly interested in non-financial and sustainability information. We have appointed two researchers (one partner and one senior manager) to study non-financial and sustainability information as part of our assurance services. In addition, internal training on non-financial and sustainability information is mandatory for our audit staff, and we plan to continue to increase the number of training hours in this area.

Sustainability activities that our firm can contribute to society

Among the environment, social, and governance issues that we must address, we will consider personnel and nationality-neutral hiring and working methods that can continuously contribute to the audit industry for social(S), and management will strengthen its governance (G) function in terms of audit quality. Furthermore, we believe that a feasible action to climate change, given our business type, is to make efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving electricity. To this end, we have instructed all members of our firm not to work after 10:00 p.m. and to turn off unnecessary lighting by gathering in a limited place in the firm.