From Compliance-Based Audits to Value-Providing Audits

We believe that in order to continue providing reliable audits, it is important to provide audit services that meet the needs of each client by independent certified public accountants who are familiar with the accounting system, not just compliance-based audits that implement audit procedures in accordance with laws, regulations, and auditing standards.
We therefore aim to foster our organization culture and transform our human resource bases so that we can continue providing value-providing audits.

Financial Audit with DX

We promote the use of technology for future-oriented audits.
DX-enabled audit is the process of using digital technology and data analysis to efficiently and accurately evaluate accounting information, and ensure the reliability of a company’s financial reporting and accounting processes. We are well-positioned to utilize advances in digital technology, including data analysis, in our audit engagements to ensure efficient and in-depth audit procedures.

Our DX audit efforts are briefly described below.

  • Fraud risk scoring tools (developed in-house)
  • BI tools and other analysis tools
  • CAAT (Computer Assisted Audit Techniques) tools
  • Sampling tools (developed in-house)
  • Assisting tools for working paper preparation (developed in-house)

DX Audit Tools

IPO Support Services

For companies that wish to contribute to the Japanese economy by being listed on the stock market, we advise them on how to establish a system even before we begin our audit work, and we actively support the IPOs of such clients.

Due Diligence, etc.

Financial due diligence is essential to the success of mergers and acquisitions, which have become more and more popular in recent years. Our specialty is to conduct financial due diligence in a short period of time to contribute to the decision-making processes.

Information Security Audit Services

We conduct audits not only from the perspective of information system security, but also from the perspective of whether a management cycle has been established and appropriate measures have been taken for the security management of information assets as a whole.
We also conduct audits based on objectively defined auditing standards to meet a variety of auditing needs, including assurance-based audits for external purposes, advisory-based audits for internal purposes, audits of the entire organization, and partial audits (compliance and validity audits are also available).

We are registered in the “Information Security Service Standards Compliance Service List” (Information Security Audit Service) under the “Information Security Service Standards Examination and Registration System,” which is a system to register and disclose information security services that meet certain technical and quality control requirements based on the Information Security Service Standards of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (Information Security Audit Service) (Service Registration Number: 020-0030-10).

Applicable guidelines, etc.

  • JIS Q 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • JIS Q 27002 (ISO/IEC 27002)
  • JIS Q 27017 (ISO/IEC 27017)
  • Government Uniform Standards, Fiscal Year 2018 Edition (established by National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity, Cabinet Secretariat)
  • Information Security Management Standards (Issuing entity: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • Information Security Audit Standards (Issuing entity: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) etc.
  • Practical Guideline for Assurance Engagements 3402 “Practical Guideline for Assurance Report on Internal Control over Fiduciary Services” (JICPA)
  • Cloud Information Security Management Standards (Japan Security Audit Association)