Kreston Asia-Pacific Conference held in 2023

The Asia-Pacific Conference of Kreston Global, an international accounting network of which ARK LLC is a member, was held in Bali, Indonesia from July 27 to 29, 2023. Three of our international staff members, Mishima, Henmi, and Nagai attended. Bali, one of the best resort areas in Asia, welcomed us with a very pleasant breeze and a relaxed atmosphere.

The meeting started with opening remarks by Kreston Global Chairman Rich Howard, followed by an introduction of Kreston Indonesia by Erwin Winata of the host firm, Kreston Indonesia, and a CEO report by Kreston Global CEO, Liza Robbins. Around the venue was full of vacationers from all over the world but we enjoyed these three days of hot and serious discussions as well as face-to-face communications for the first time in a long time.

On the second day, the results of the quality control review conducted by Kreston HQ in FY2022, the development of global audit tools, and the coordination of audits across the network were the topics in a hot, cross-country, and cross-regional discussion by members specializing in auditing, together with Jenny Reed, Kreston Global’s new director of quality, and Kamal Thaklar, regional director of Asia Pacific in the Global Audit Group. The members also actively exchanged information with representatives from each firm during a coffee break.

On the third and final day, the members introduced the hot topic of sustainability, including case studies of sustainability initiatives at each firm, and case studies of outsourcing using AI. After that, a team building activity (assembling mountain bikes) was conducted to strengthen a bond among the team members. More than they had imagined, everyone had a great time, regardless of country, region, gender, age, etc., and they felt a sense of unity in Kreston. The mountain bikes were donated to children in Indonesia as a charity project.