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ARK LLC is an audit corporation switched from ARK Meiji Audit & Co. to a limited liability on July 1, 2019.

The origin of the company name is "Ark of the Covenant" in the Book of Exodus, the gold-plated acacia chest which is decorated in the shape of angel of wisdom, Cherubim.
It is said that the ark was created according to the pattern given to Moses by God, and it contains Ten Commandments.

We must perform our duty to contribute to society as an auditing firm, also provide high-quality services to our clients. Our ark contains two covenants; for one thing we provide high-quality audit information to investors, for another thing is to provide effective system to our clients.

To keep those engagements, we must be an audit firm being capable to adapt to change in the social environment. Furthermore, we believe that the sufficient understanding of the management of our clients leads an efficient auditing saving unnecessary costs, and it brings to an effective result to the all relevant stakeholders.

The large majority of our clients are the companies with an annual turnover of several hundred million yen engaging in preparations of IPO and the listed companies with an annual turnover of several billions to over several hundred billion yen mainly focusing on domestic business developments.

Our basic policy is to provide a high-quality auditing and IPO related services at affordable costs to contribute to stimulate the Japanese economy.
ARK LLC is mostly made up of CPAs having a large stock of knowledge and experience. We have been organizing a system to always offer high-quality auditing services to support our clients and society.

Akihiko Miura 
Akihiko Miur