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Company Policy

Respond to Changes

The social and economic environment changes rapidly such as IT technological development represented by AI or the development of Blockchain.
ARK LLC considers that an appropriate response to changes in the social environment to be a priority issue, and it will lead to an improvement of appropriate audit engagements.

Respond to Changes


ARK LLC places strong emphasis on communication with the management of our clients.
We consider that an efficient auditing without waste can come from refining the essence through communication. We are sure that it will contribute to beneficial results for our clients as well as our company.


Work-Life Balance

What we are aiming for is not merely working-style reforms.
Audit work is an important task for us, but life is not just for work.
We believe that it is also very important to place ourselves in an environment that allows us to take care of our family, have hobbies and enjoy our leisure time.
This point of view is linked to our concept of performing efficient audit work.

Work-Life Balance